Welcome to the CoC CharGen website!

CoC ChaGen is a character generator for Chaousium Inc's rpg Call of Cthulhu™.CoC CharGen is released under the GNU GPL. It is developed in 100% pure Java™, and should hence be usable on any platform with Java support. A main goal for the comming 2.0 release will be an implementation of the Byakhee save file format, to let users of CoC CharGen and Byakhee to exchange character files.

Latest news:

2005-11-03 Today I started to work on loading of saved characters. Hopefully I'll be able to get a new release out soon.

All feedback appreciated.
2005-10-12 Alpha 7 is live! The major update is that Byakhee export now works! The problem with Byakhee crashing has been solved. Please give it a try, and report any problems in the Tracker.

Have fun! :)
2005-10-11 Byakhee exporting support has been enabled in CVS. If you want to try it out, just grab the sources from CVS and build it. Please note that it does not work correctly at the moment. It crashes Byakhee when opening the file. :)
2005-09-28 CharGen 2.0 Alpha 6 is finally out. I'm sorry for the very long delay.
2004-10-17 My appologies for not updating this page for quite some time. My new job has taken up massive amounts of my time as of lately. I'm currently working on finishing the Byakhee exporting function, and I will put a new version of CharGen here as soon as it is finished.
2004-05-25 CharGen 2.0 Alpha 6 will be out soon...
2003-10-18 New website online
2003-10-18 CoC CharGen 2.0 Alpha 5 released

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